VPN Unlimited Review

Top rating 8.1/10

What you’ll be reading today is a KeepSolid VPN Unlimited review, for which we’ve collected only the approved facts and verified numbers. Don’t trust big promises? That’s good – we don’t too.

When you chose the VPN, you want to make sure that your back is covered – whether it is about the security of the service or its clients support. And, apparently, it would be too good to be true if all the promises users read before buying the product would jibe with facts.

YourVPNService can cover your back. In this VPN Unlimited Review we’re going to answer the question that at some point bothers any user searching for a reliable VPN: should you spend your money on the comparatively small VPN services, or better not tempt the fate and trust the tested providers?

So, are the possible Unlimited VPN’s strengths worth risking at all? Let’s find out together.

Short List Of Pros and Cons: What Features Can Surprize You With VPN Unlimited


  • 5 devices can work under the same account
  • Torrent-friendly
  • Has special servers for Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer
  • Supports many platforms
  • Quick and respectful customer support
  • Reliable encryption, supports OpenVPN protocol
  • Great UI/UX design
  • KillSwitch, own KeepSolid security protocol, whitelist


  • Low speed and high ping on some servers
  • Collects too much personal data
  • A mediocre set of features

Pricing: Is Unlimited VPN Really That Cheap?

We guess it’s safe to say that we all like good stuff for the low price, and when only one of the equation parts doesn’t meet our expectations we are disappointed – if not mad.

Nowadays it’s really easy to find a VPN service for low price. Just Google it – we’re almost sure that on the first search page you’ll meet such names as NordVPN, CyberGhost, or Private Internet Access. The smaller VPN providers do their best to compete with these top-rated services: sometimes successfully, sometimes – not so much.

Talking about the Unlimited VPN, the choice of the article’s title isn’t accidental. In numerous sources, we’ve met an opinion that this VPN provider offers the most profitable service packages that have ever existed on the market.

As expected, this was only the half-truth.

The monthly access to the possibilities VPN Unlimited offers will cost you $10. This is a standard price for a VPN, as the actual leaders in the VPN field – ExpressVPN and NordVPN – ask $13 and $11 per month accordingly.

When it comes to the features you buy for $10, they’re pretty basic too. You, of course, get unlimited traffic & speed, live support, possibility to connect up to 5 devices within one account, and a soft specifically for your devices.

The other available plans for 5 devices, presented on the official site are:

  • a one-year subscription for $59.99(about $5 per month)
  • three-year subscription for $99.99 (about $3 per month)
  • lifetime subscription for only $99.99

As you see, the monthly price for VPN Unlimited drops drastically when you decide to use it on a regular basis, until it hits the actual record – $100 for the life-long subscription. Sounds a little bit suspicious, and, to be honest, quite unrealistic – but that’s what the official site says at the time of writing this article. Moreover, numerous users’ reviews prove the deal is indeed valid, and there are no hidden pitfalls to worry about.

If need your VPN subscription to cover up to 10 devices, the following offers will be of interest for you:

  • a monthly plan subscription for $14.99
  • a one-year subscription for $89.99 (about $7.5 per month)
  • three-year subscription for $149.99 (about $4.2 per month)
  • lifetime subscription for only $149.99

Overall, the monthly price for VPN Unlimited won’t surprise anyone, but the lifetime offer might leave you wondering – am I ready to spend my whole life with VPN Unlimited?

To come to a final decision, you can try the 7-day free trial, during which the user can enjoy all the possibilities of the paid service without any limitations. Unlike many other developers, KeepSolid won’t automatically take your money when the week expands – if you’re satisfied with the soft, you go and buy it manually from the official site.

Privacy and Security

Being honest, the security of VPN Unlimited is top-notch. The service uses 256-bit data encryption to transfer data from your computer to its servers – the same way of connection is used in the government and military institutions all over the world.

In addition to that, the developer created a special technology called KeepSolid Wise: using OpenVPN protocol “as a backbone,” and TCP 443 and UDP 33434 ports, it presents the new level of Internet security.

The KeepSolid Wise protocol would come in handy in the countries, where the censorship doesn’t allow people to use the Internet freely. It works where regular Internet protocols are blocked, guaranteeing clients a stable & private web connection.

But is it possible for the server to stop responding, while the Internet session will continue? With the recently added KillSwitch, such a possibility reduces to zero. When the disconnection is detected, the soft aborts all the active apps & browsers, which have access to the Internet.

This way you’ll always know that the Unlimited VPN is active when you need it to be so.

VPN Unlimited Extras 

As you can see, all the privacy aspects are being handled quite responsibly by KeepSolid. It protects every stage of Web surfing – from the beginning of the session to its end – and guarantees the absence of all types of leaks (WebRTC, DNS, IPv6).

The KillSwitch feature is present in the VPN Unlimited too – still, it was added VERY late, only in March 2018, so before that date users had to accept the fact that browsers, ISP or other third parties could steal their personal information. Not cool, KeepSolid.

Luckily, nowadays such outdated weaknesses are successfully covered by the updates. VPN Unlimited usage is no more coupled with risks, and this fact shouldn’t really be included in the “pros” – when you buy VPN services, it is implied that you pay for the protection, not for the Internet speed loss or whatsoever.

Some interesting features, which could be met in the service packages from Windscribe and PureVPN, like ad & malware blocker or split tunneling, are absent in the Unlimited VPN, and this is a pity. When there are so many cheaper and faster options to choose from, why should we pay our money for a bare VPN having only the basic set of functions?

And there’s another “nail in the coffin” in the Unlimited VPN reputation, which we’ll be looking at right now.

VPN Unlimited Logging Policy

The security of your data consists of at least 2 compounds.

The encryption of the “raw” data you send to the VPN server is the first important topic you have to pay attention to – there are numerous companies and parties which would really like to know your political views or a juice brand you drink for breakfast.

Another topic is much more prosaic, and it is how your VPN provider handles your private data, which, as you remember, it can see “as it is,” in the form of the logs.

And, unluckily, VPN Unlimited can’t brag about the reliability of its logging policy. The provider collects:

  • your first name and last name
  • your company name
  • the country of your living
  • your email address
  • documents and files you send while using the VPN
  • IP address
  • the name of your browser and OS
  • your devices names, and the languages set on them
  • your WiFi name

According to the official site of the VPN Unlimited, the provider stores only the particular information needed for “compliance with our legal obligations and contractual performance.” What data is exactly stored and for how long remains unclear.

We found that wording extremely vague: it could mean absolutely anything, and there’s still no proof that the collected terabytes of user’s data aren’t sold to third parties. Thus, we won’t recommend VPN Unlimited for people, who like to stay anonymous on the Internet – there are no guarantees that the provider respects your right for private life.

Servers and Performance

VPN Unlimited appeared on the market in 2013, and since then develops quite quickly. Today, at a rough estimate, it has around 400 servers in more than 70 countries in the world. Is this number big enough – it’s for you to decide, and still, what is really important is how those servers work.

The provider doesn’t hide the fact that some servers, depending on their distance from the user, may have lower speed and ping. Tests predictably stated the same – the further the server is located, the lower speed results are.

Being more precise: on some servers, the simplest web page might load 50 times longer than with your regular Internet connection.

This can be a real headache if all the nearby servers are overloaded. Still, the actual quality of the connection depends on many factors including your Internet speed or the time of the day.

Customer Service

If you have an experience of VPN usage behind, then you know how slow, rude or unprofessional customer services might be. And all of these adjectives aren’t about VPN Unlimited, because the way they handle their clients is outstanding.

As a small experiment we’ve applied our request on their official email, and – guess what – 20 minutes later we’ve received an answer! According to the information on their official site, an average response time for either email or contact form is only 1 hour.

VPN Unlimited definitely gets +1 for the willingness to help.

VPN Unlimited for Windows

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VPN Unlimited supports Windows (duh!) and offers a stylish application with the record-low amount of settings to personalize the connection. For some users, it would be a very convenient soft to work with. But for those, who wish to know more about their protection, such forced minimalism might be unpleasant. However, the Unlimited VPN Windows application users can surf the Net using OpenVPN, IKEv2 and KeepSolid Wise protocols. The design of the app is appealing, with an intuitive interface and a strict color scheme. The functionality of the VPN doesn’t change with different platforms, so there’s nothing much to add to what has already been said.

VPN Unlimited for Mac

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To install Unlimited VPN on your MacBook, you can use the Apple Store, or visit VPN's official website. The functionality of the app is identical to the Windows version with the minimalistic design and simple navigation through the settings. The main menu has a map, where all the available servers are displayed, as well as approximate information about their ping, download speed and workload. However, it serves only the decorative purpose and can’t be used to change the connection quickly – unfortunately.

VPN Unlimited for Android

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Mobile version of the Unlimited VPN has the same map as the desktop versions, yet, the server points on it are clickable. While the VPN is active, you can travel through other apps without being afraid of your security – the working application “hides” in a pull-down notification menu, so you can reach it anytime you need.Other settings can be found in the side menu. There, among other matters, you can choose whether to connect to the Internet via OpenVPN or KeepSolid Wise. The Android application definitely gets 9.5 points out of 10 – just because the ideal is intangible.

VPN Unlimited for iOS

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KeepSolid is quite consistent when it comes to the application design. The developer created the same soft versions either for Windows and Mac duo or for iOS & Android. They have the same design and set of features; thus, VPN Unlimited for iOS automatically gets the same mark.

VPN Unlimited for Torrenting

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VPN Unlimited can’t be called the best solution for torrenting. Of course, it has special servers dedicated to downloading Torrent files anonymously, but the speed of them won’t really please you. Moreover, among almost 400 regular servers there are only 5 of them which allow torrenting. So if your primary goal is to access free materials, better search for another provider.

VPN Unlimited for Netflix

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Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and other streaming services can be reached via numerous servers in America and Britain. They’re fast and relatively unloaded, so, after a harsh day at work, you can easily entertain yourself with a good old Netflix movie or serial. For that Unlimited VPN gets 8 points out of 10 – only because the freezes are still possible, and the loading speed could be a little bit higher.

The Bottom Line

Unlimited VPN is good as a bare VPN service – it provides great protection, and, despite some questionable data storage aspects, guarantees users security on the Internet. It’s incredibly cheap if you’re planning your budget in advance, and prefer long-term deals to the monthly payments. Unlimited VPN has awesome applications for almost every existing platform, and it behaves respectfully towards the clients.

You won’t, however, like Unlimited VPN if you need something more than just a bare VPN. The service has no interesting functions, and it is intended for the VPN users, who don’t need to know more than whether the VPN is ON. It’s great for some clients, but, as far as we’re concerned, it might derive a benefit from becoming a little bit more advanced/sophisticated.

Overall, we would recommend Unlimited VPN if VPN is the only thing you actually need.

YourVPNService Recommendations

  1. Consider buying a lifetime subscription – it will cost you much cheaper than even the three years’ deal. Don’t be afraid of losing your money, because you can receive your cash back during 7 days after the purchase was made. Furthermore, you can try the service for free thanks to the trial week in order to make a final decision.
  2. Amongst the available security protocols we advise you to prefer OpenVPN thanks to its reliability – Unlimited VPN supports it on every platform existing.
  3. Don’t settle on the Unlimited VPN if you need service for torrenting. There are only 5 servers available, and all of them show extremely slow loading speed.