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VyprVPN: Push Back the Limits of Your Online World

How would you describe a good VPN service? Most users will say that it is fast, reliable and secure. But is it possible to combine all these features in one product? Yes, it is. The name of this unique product is VyprVPN. This Swiss provider managed to develop an outstanding service that is able to meet the requirements of the most exacting customers. But is there anything that prevents it from being the number one in the VPN services market? Read our VyprVPN review to find the answer.


In most VyprVPN reviews, it ranks among top providers of VPN services. Experts and regular users highly appreciate its high speed, advanced features, and flexibility. In our tests, VyprVPN scored high as well:

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Pros and Cons

We loved a lot about the service. Here are the main reasons to download VyprVPN, according to our experts, along with some disadvantages of the provider:


  • A consistently high speed of connection.
  • A lot of servers in 70+ countries of the world.
  • Two pricing plans available for basic and premium protection.
  • Exclusive features that have no analogues in the market.
  • An excellent encryption.
  • Professional support.
  • VyprVPN free trial period is 3 days.


  • Its products are pricey.
  • It does collect some logs and stores them for a month.
  • Bitcoins are not accepted as a payment method.

Expert Review

VyprVPN is a well-established company with its headquarters in Switzerland. That said, it is currently owned by the Golden Frog group that is physically located in the USA and falls under the jurisdiction of this country. The company entered the market in 2010; as of now, it is one of the best-rated providers of VPN solutions around.


VyprVPN RouterThe company offers cross-platform software: apart from a VyprVPN app for Windows, there is VyprVPN Linux, options for iOS, Mac, Android, as well as solutions for routers and even SmartTV. It allows up to three simultaneous connections within its basic package and up to five connections within its premium package. VPN connections can be established via various protocols: OpenVPN (recommended), PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and Chameleon. The latter one is the company’s proprietary product that prevents VPN blocking.
One of the key spheres of application of any VPN service is accessing restricted content via torrents and streaming services. VyprVPN torrent accessing capabilities are quite usual: it imposes no restrictions on users, and P2P support allows flawless content downloading. And still, we can’t recommend VyprVPN for torrenting, as it does keep some logs that can help to identify you in case you break laws by downloading something illegal or violate copyright. There are recorded cases when users’ accounts were completely blocked by the provider for this reason.
During tests, with the help of VyprVPN Netflix (US) and some other popular services, such as Hulu, were successfully unblocked. Thanks to the consistently high connection speed, no lags or any other problems occur during streaming. However, we noticed that it couldn’t unblock some services, for example, Netflix UK.
There are a couple of other features that are worth mentioning. The first one is VyprVPN own DNS server that enhances users’ online privacy and helps to bypass censorship more effectively. The second one is their proprietary firewall that adds one more layer of protection to your online activities.

Performance and Speed

One of the reasons to love this VPN service is its virtually irreproachable performance. Moreover, it is one of the fastest services, and in some cases, it can compete with the industry’s leader – ExpressVPN. VypVPN vs ExpressVPN doesn’t offer built-in speed tests for every particular server, but in independent tests, it demonstrated very good results.

Browser Extensions

As of now, VypVPN is one of the few providers that do not offer their proprietary browser extensions. It’s a pity, as in some cases these add-ons can be of a certain use. Also, we have to mention that it can’t be combined with Tor as well as any third-party proxies.

Safety and Encryption

A high speed and an impressive feature set are important characteristics that make a VPN service attractive for customers. But is VyprVPN safe enough for a regular user? According to the vast experience of hundreds of users – yes, it is. At least, until you get engaged in something criminal. As we have mentioned in previous sections of the VyprVPN review, it keeps some logs that make it possible to identify a user. Of course, if you are not going to do anything that can potentially concern intelligence services, you may stay quiet about your privacy, as nobody is going to disturb you.
The provider uses the strongest encryption, so you can exclude the possibility of your data leakage. In particular, an AES-256-CBC cipher is used for both data and control channel, wich complies with the most advanced safety requirements.

Pricing Plans and Payment Methods

There are two VyprVPN pricing plans: basic and premium. The main differences of the premium plan are up to 5 simultaneous connections instead of 3, Chameleon protocol included, and a dedicated cloud server. The basic VyprVPN price is $9.95 while the premium one will cost $12.95. If you buy a one-year plan, the price per month is $5 or $6.67 respectively. But even with the maximum discount, it is definitely not the cheapest option, especially, VyprVPN full version.
Available payment methods can vary depending on the user’s location. They accept several types of credit/debit cards, AliPay and PayPal. As of today, no cryptocurrencies are accepted, but we hope, the situation will change for better one day. By the way VyprVPN free trial period is 3 days, so you have a chance to test it for no money.

Customer Support

In most VyprVPN reviews, their support service is positively assessed. Apart from a huge community and a forum where one can find the answers to the majority of questions, personal consultations are provided. You can submit your inquiry via a live chat or an online form, using your VyprVPN login or send a letter via e-mail and get a professional consultation in a couple of minutes.

How to Use and Installing

VyprVPN MobileTo start utilizing VyprVPN download the needed software from the official site: VyprVPN APK for Android, VyprVPN Windows 10, or the option for Linux – all the apps are available on a single page. Usually, the software is installed automatically: in some cases (if you have a rare or exclusive device), a manual setting can be required, but usually it’s not a problem, as the support service is really helpful in this regard.
The app itself is simple and intuitive irrespective of the operating system used. It has a laconic white design with large visible buttons and pleasant-looking sliders. To start using VPN just launch the program and click the biggest Connect button, after which it will be automatically connected to the fastest available server. For accessing advanced settings, click the Settings icon and choose the needed parameters.

The Bottom Line

As you could see from our VyprVPN review, this is quite a controversial product. No doubt, it has a lot of great features. It is speedy (frankly speaking, one of the fastest in the market). It has excellent proprietary features, such as Chameleon protocol (based on OpenVPN), dedicated cloud servers and a firewall for the utmost online protection. At the same time, the service can’t be described as completely flawless. The most disappointing thing about it is keeping some logs of its users. Even if you don’t violate laws severely, you, probably, won’t like an idea of tracking any of your actions by anyone. The second thing that can prevent potential customers from buying Vypr products is its price. One can find more affordable solutions with similar features.


  1. Take advantage of a free trial period offered by the provider and test the app for three days before buying the full version. Moreover, if you got disappointed about the product after its purchasing, you can get refunded within 30 days of purchase.
  2. If you are a heavy torrent user, you’d better opt for something else. Vypr is not the best choice for torrenting, despite its P2P support.
  3. If you’ve made your mind up to using this VPN service, buy a 1-year plan to get the maximum discount. If what you need is just a basic protection and 3 simultaneous connections are good enough for you, opt for the basic pricing plan. Advanced users should consider the premium option.
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