Best VPN for UK

UK VPNToday, in the technological age, the regular users share their personal information with the rest of the work every single day. Passwords, email addresses, credit card information – they can be traced online. If you live in the United Kingdom and want to protect your data, a VPN for UK is a must. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Virtual Private Networks for the citizens of the UK that grant protection, security, and unlock restricted content. In Google, “best VPN UK” is one of the most popular searches, as people are becoming more aware of the hackers and government surveillance. Today we will help you find the best VPN for UK.

A good VPN should be equally affordable, reliable, fast, and easy to use. Our focus won’t be on UK VPN services, but rather on the providers that work best in this country. The greatest VPNs come with 256-bit encryption, put the connection through multiple servers to trick the hackers and the governmental agencies, and offer competitive price-tags. According to the experts, The United Kingdom has the most extreme surveillance in the world, which makes a UK VPN essential for British users. Furthermore, the officials are blocking a huge number of websites. The services on our list will help you outmaneuver those restrictions and keep your privacy.

Top-5 VPN Services for UK

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Our List Of The Best VPN Services for UK

ExpressVPN ServiceProbably the best thing about this provider is the fact that it is located in the Virgin Islands. That means the so-called “14 Eyes” jurisdiction doesn’t affect it. The ExpressVPN UK customer service is amazing and is ready to lend a helping hand 24/7. The 256-bit encryption, along with the OpenVPN protocol will make sure your device is well-protected. With an impressive line-up of servers, industry-leading clients and apps for every popular platform, and an impeccable reputation, this UK VPN is a must-have. It isn’t the most affordable offer on the market, but you will get Smart DNS for free with it. In many regards, this is the best VPN for torrenting UK traffic.

The biggest downside of this provider is the fact that it can only protect 3 simultaneous connections. Let us take a look at the available plans.

  • The basic 1-month plan will charge you $12.95.
  • The 6-month plan is a lot more affordable: $9.99 per month (that’s 60 dollars for the whole thing). According to statistics, this is the most popular package among the ExpressVPN UK clients.
  • There’s also a 15-months plan that reduces the monthly cost to $6.67 a month (100 dollars in total). Fact: with the third tier, the users will get 3 months of free protection.


  • The dashboard and the interface are straightforward and intuitive.
  • This VPN for UK works great on all major platforms.
  • One of the best protection protocols.
  • The MBG (Money-Back Guarantee) lasts for 30 days.
  • Torrenting is available.
  • The ExpressVPN UK users get access to numerous servers in 94 countries.
  • The provider accepts Bitcoins.


  • Express VPN could’ve been the best UK VPN if not for the steep price-tags. The 3rd plan is reasonable, though.
  • With this network, you will only get protection for 3 devices.
  • Some general logging (nothing to be concerned about).

#2 – NordVPN – The Most Reliable UK VPN

NordVPN ServiceWith 4000 servers, reasonable pricing, and the best protection protocols, it’s no surprise that the NordVPN UK users always give it the highest praise. The dashboard is friendly and works flawlessly. The headquarters are located in Panama, which, again, is a huge plus. Nord doesn’t keep any logs and is considered to be the most private service on the market. The NordVPN UK clients also appreciate the impressive performance and the double-server protocol that makes your connection literally impossible to track. Torrenting is also available. Along with Express, Nord is the obvious leader in terms of security, privacy, and reliability. It is respected and recognized around the world.

Furthermore, this UK VPN owns every single one of those 4K servers. The only downside is the expensive monthly plan. The yearly plans, in turn, are more than affordable.

  • The price tag for 1 month of protection is $11.95.
  • If you choose the 1-year plan, the monthly cost will drop to 5.75 dollars a month (that’s $70 for the whole thing).
  • The second tier, the 2-year plan, reduces the monthly fee to 3.29 dollars per month ($80 in total).
  • The 3-year plan is not always available. Keep your eye on the official website for the ultimate deal: 2.75 dollars a month ($100 in total).


  • The NordVPN UK customer support is exceptional.
  • Torrenting is permitted.
  • More than enough servers to pick from.
  • If you need protection for 6 devices, this is the best UK VPN for you.
  • Comes with the standard 30-day MBG.
  • You can pay with Bitcoins (just like with ExpressVPN).
  • Zero-logs policy. With this VPN service UK clients won’t have to worry about any 3rd parties accessing their private data.
  • Double Encryption is impenetrable.


  • The monthly plan is not really cheap.
  • No Ad-blocking.
  • Some servers can be slow.

#3 – CyberGhost – Fast, Private, And Affordable

CyberGhost VPN ServiceThis relatively young company has everything it takes to compete with the bigger players. It comes with an impressive set of features and a very friendly, easy-to-use interface. The clients/apps on all platforms are on par with the leaders. With this VPN UK based users will get to enjoy a fast and helpful support and a very clear privacy policy. CyberGhost is capable of unlocking geo-restricted content and protecting up to 5 devices at the same time. The UK VPN services are usually under a lot of pressure from the British government, but that doesn’t apply to this provider (because the HQ is not in Britain). Besides, this is the fastest VPN UK customers can get access to.

CyberGhost is based in Romania; hence, no US or UK laws will apply. As for logging, they only keep some basic info, nothing personal.

  • The entry-level monthly plan will be yours for $11.99. Yes, it is more expensive than the Nord monthly plan.
  • The second plan, the 3-month package, is worth 9.99 a month (that’s 30 dollars for the whole thing).
  •  Finally, the 1-year package offers the best deal. For just $2.75 per month, you’ll get 12 months of protection (33 dollars in total). In terms of affordability, this is the best VPN for UK.


  • More than 1200 servers at your disposal.
  • It is equally fast and reliable.
  • It is not the first provider in the “Best VPN service UK” search, it is still quite popular in Britain.
  • Provides simultaneous protection for 5 devices (regardless of the plan).
  • The MBG lasts for 30 days.
  • There’s a free 7-day trial.
  • Arguably the best VPN UK has ever seen.
  • Zero-Logs policy.


  • Sometimes, it’s not as fast as advertised.
  • The monthly plan might be a turn off for the average users.

The Best Free VPNs For The UK Users

#1 – TunnelBear – The Best Free Virtual Private Network

TunnelBear VPN ServiceThe free VPN UK fans will definitely appreciate what TunnelBear has to offer. It is incredibly easy to use and the dedicated mobile/desktop clients are great. The free version is very limited in terms of the available features, but TunnelBear is still doing a great job of protecting your privacy. As a free UK VPN, it gives an amazing opportunity to learn your way around Virtual Private Networks before actually paying for one. The biggest limitation is, of course, the 500MB lock on monthly traffic. Still, with this top VPN UK clients will be able to protect themselves from the all-seeing eyes. Plus, it comes with arguably the best UK VPN Chrome extension.

All you need to do to activate it is to click once – the app will do the rest. Let us take a look at the pros and cons now:


  • The clients/apps are fast, perform well, and are user-friendly.
  • They changed their privacy policy recently and now it is clearer than ever.
  • With this VPN UK fans will enjoy a solid performance.
  • The free plan comes with a limited number of servers; still, it’s quite impressive.
  • In their VPN reviews UK experts always put TunnelBear on top of their lists.


  • The free plan is not particularly versatile.
  • The 500MB limit can be a bit frustrating.
  • When connecting to a server on the other side of the globe, expect bad performance.

#2 – Windscribe – Another Industry-Leading Free VPN

Windscribe VPN ServiceFor the VPN providers UK is a great market, and they’re doing everything in their power to earn the trust of the locals. Windscribe is relatively new on the horizon, but it comes with an impressive set of features and more free traffic than a regular user would ever need. The VPN UK free edition offers a choice between 8 servers and a 10GB bandwidth per month. The provider does log your online activity, but only some basic stuff and everything is deleted right after the session ends (within 3 minutes). If 10GB is not enough, tweet about Windscribe to earn additional 5 gigabytes. They add another GB for inviting a friend. In the VPN reviews UK experts praise this company’s generosity.


  • Provides 10GB of free traffic per month.
  • Plus, the users can earn more.
  • The privacy policy is open and clear.


  • Sadly, no Android app.
  • Even though the free version is generous, it’s still quite limited.

More About The British Laws Concerning Online Privacy

A Virtual Private Network creates an encrypted connection between the user’s computer/phone/any other device and one of the provider’s servers, which makes it impossible for the ISP to track that person’s online activity. The British government is officially allowed to check the logs of any ISP; however, when you use a UK VPN, the ISP simply doesn’t have anything to show to the government. That’s how it works. Even a UK free VPN is very well capable of protecting our privacy on the Internet and turning us into digital shadows. Furthermore, the hackers won’t be able to snoop on our activity when we connect through Wi-Fi at the closest restaurant.

Another awesome fact about VPNs: they are great at unblocking geo-restricted content. For example, the citizens of the United Kingdom can’t watch Netflix, HBO, and other US-based streaming services. But with the help of a UK VPN free provider (say, Windscribe), it will take them a couple of clicks to get access to Game Of Thrones, The Punisher, and other iconic shows. One last thing: don’t EVER surf the internet with a UK-based VPN, as they are all obliged to keep logs and share them with the government agencies. That’s exactly why you won’t see any of them on the first pages of a “Best VPN service UK” search in Google: they’re simply not reliable.