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The beauty of the modern-day free market is that there is no monopoly and competition is always stiff. In order to win over the customers, the business owners have to deliver something truly worth our while. This is true for most industries out there, including the industry of online privacy. The biggest downside of the free market is that there are always numerous offers, and a regular user might simply get lost. In this article, I’ll help you pick the best VPN that will protect your privacy and guard your device. A VPN service should be fast, strong, and, above all, affordable. I took my time with this list and went over countless comments and VPN reviews.

The best VPN service providers put their customers first and value their own reputation. True, they aren’t free, but, for a small fee, they will protect your device from outside threats. As a general rule, free Virtual Private Networks come with many limitations and their privacy policies are somewhat shady. The best VPN providers, in turn, do everything in their power to please us – the users. Overall, we’ve got 6 VPNs on the list – the best of the best. They each have their strong sides and weak sides, and we’ll go through every detail together. Let’s see what the most popular and high-ranked VPN service providers have to offer.

#1 – NordVPN – The Most Secure Option – A Solid VPN Service On All Fronts

Nord VPN InfoThis might come as a surprise to you, as most VPN reviews praise ExpressVPN and put it on the pedestal, but Nord is higher up the ranks, simply because it’s more balanced. For most users around the globe it is the best VPN out there. The company spends huge amounts of time, energy and money on perfecting the initial “formula” that turned this VPN service into a leader. Security is top-notch. The privacy policy is open and clear. And while the competition offers protection for up to 5 devices, this VPN covers 6. The VPN app for iPhone is flawless. Same goes for the Android, Mac, and Windows clients.

Now, Nord doesn’t have a record amount of servers under its wing, but there are enough to pick from. OK, it’s time to check out the available plans and see whether this is the best offer on the market or not.

  • The 1-month plan is expensive and not really worth our while (it costs $11.95).
  • If you’re ready to commit for 1 year, the monthly fee will drop to $5.75 a month (you’ll have to pay 70 dollars in advance).
  • Ready to stick with Nord for 2 years? You’re not the only one – this is the most popular plan. For only $3.29 per month (80 dollars for the whole thing) you’ll get protection for 24 months.
  • The 3-year plan is not always on the table. But it does offer the best deal. For 100 dollars ($2.75 per month), this VPN service will provide protection for 36 months.


  • Nord comes with the best encryption algorithms and protocols known to mankind.
  • You get access to 4,200 servers in 60+ countries.
  • Tired of the Netflix blocks? With this good VPN you’ll be able to unblock the service within seconds.
  • Owners of multiple devices will appreciate the ability to protect 6 connections at once.
  • The 36-months package is one of the most affordable deals on the market.
  • Comes with a free trial (lasts for 3 days).
  • The Mac VPN client is awesome.
  • Probably the best VPN for Android.


  • In some countries, long-distance connections are known to be particularly slow.
  • The monthly plan is expensive and might scare the potential clients off.

As a torrent VPN, this isn’t the best offer on the market (because of the occasional performance lags).


#2 – Private Internet Access – Affordable, Flexible, Private, And Cheap

Private Internet Access VPNThis provider offers one of the most attractive price policies on the market and that makes PIA the best VPN service for the fans of low-budget software. With 3200+ servers in 28 countries, you’ll always have several “back doors” for hiding your presence on the Internet. This company has been in business for 8 years, and they know exactly how to appeal to the average users. The dedicated VPN app is user-friendly and intuitive. The combination of OpenVPN and the famous 256-bit encryption will make sure your personal VPN is protecting your device 24/7. Note: the company is located in America and has to follow the strict privacy laws.

Let us see how you can get VPN protection with this provider. There are three packages to choose from, and they all look reasonable.

  • Even the entry-level 1-month plan is very cheap: $6.95.
  • For only $3.33 per month, you’ll purchase protection for 12 months (that’s 40 dollars once you agree to subscribe).
  • The final plan offers the best value. For $2.91 a month and 70 dollars in total, PIA will provide protection for 2 full years.


  • 3,200 servers at your disposal.
  • Protection for 5 simultaneous connections.
  • A good VPN deal with any of the available packages.
  • Trusted by many respected companies.
  • Offers strong protection from the hackers.


  • No VPN free Internet trial.
  • The money-back guarantee only lasts for 7 days.
  • Private users won’t appreciate the strict United States laws.


#3 – ExpressVPN – Arguably The Best VPN Service On Planet Earth

ExpressVPN ServiceThis is the LeBron James of Virtual Private Networks: big, strong, and incredibly resourceful. The steep prices on every single plan are its biggest weakness. At the same time, this is the best VPN for Android because of the stability and the dedicated app that’s equally stylish and versatile. As a torrent VPN, this service also prevails. Easy-to-use, secure, and private, ExpressVPN is here to stay. Add features like Kill Switch, 256-bit encryption, and the ability to pay with Bitcoins, and you’ll get a great service. The provider has been around since 2009 and has an impressive line-up of servers in different locations around the globe. The VPN download procedure is very intuitive and easy.

As a VPN for Mac, it’s also quite amazing. The client is fast, steady, and reliable. What about the price-tags? Are they really that expensive?

  • Yes, $12.95 a month is not cheap. If you do a VPN comparison, you’ll see that only Buffered VPN is more expensive ($12.99 a month).
  • For 60 American dollars, you’ll get VPN protection for 6 full months (that’ll be $9.99 per month with this plan).
  • The next plan will get you covered for 15 months. The system will charge you 100 dollars (only $6.67 a month).

ExpressVPN works in sync with the best VPN router series on the market – Linkskys.

  • Performance is impressive.
  • Zero-Logs policy.
  • Allows the users to setup VPN connections in the blink of an eye.


  • The best VPN app for iOS and Android. The Mac VPN client is outstanding.
  • Plenty of servers and locations to pick from.
  • The company follows the “privacy above all” rule.
  • The MBG lets you test-drive the service for 30 days.


  • The price is a bit too high for comfort.
  • Regardless of the plan you choose, only 3 devices will be protected at the same time.


#4 – IPVanish – A Great VPN Service For Torrenting And Staying Under The Radar

IPVanish VPN ServicePrivacy and security are the two major concerns of Internet users today. IPVanish does an amazing job of battling the hackers and the government agencies. The VPN iPhone app is incredibly fast and robust. Just like Nord, IPVanish is all about stability and reliability. To setup VPN protection, you’ll just need to download the client/app and follow the simple instructions. The company follows the Zero-Logs policy. P2P, Kill Switch, and OpenVPN will make sure you feel protected with this service. I just mentioned the remarkable iPhone app. The VPN Android app is also worth the highest praise.

This is a fast VPN, one that will always be just a click/tap away. Rest assured that with IPVanish, you’ll keep your anonymity while surfing the World Wide Web.

  • The 1-month plan will cost $10.00. However, if this is your 1st billing cycle, the provider will take 25% off (resulting in $7.50 a month).
  • Same goes for the 3-month plan: it will be yours for 20.24 dollars ($6.75 per month).
  • With the 12-month subscription plan, you will have to pay less than 60 dollars ($58.49, to be exact). The monthly fee will drop to $4.87.


  • The Mac VPN Client is exceptional (just like the Win, iOS, and Android clients/apps).
  • The company owns and operates every single server.
  • Zero-Logs policy; strong encryption algorithms and protocols.
  • Protection for 5 simultaneous connections.
  • If you’re looking for a safe VPN, this is your best bet.


  • No free trial; MBG lasts for 7 days.
  • Without the discount, the monthly plan is not exactly cheap.

Despite the fact that IPVanish features arguably the best VPN app line-up, customer support is a bit too slow.


#5 – StrongVPN – No Limits, No Logs, And Exceptional Privacy Protection

Strong VPN ServiceThis company is positioning its product as the best VPN for iPhone and any other mobile device, and, judging by the customer reviews, they managed to create a great service. With it, you also get splendid performance and affordable price-tags. When it comes to privacy protection, this VPN deserves a round of applause. With the huge line-up of IP addresses, along with a decent base of servers around the globe you will be well-protected. You can even opt for a dedicated IP, which will turn Strong into your own personal VPN. Customer Support will help you set it up. The best thing about this provider is that it owns every single server.

That means there are no limits whatsoever and you’ll be able to enjoy a steady performance. Without a doubt, Strong is a safe VPN. Let’s see whether the price-tags are reasonable or not.

  • There are only two packages to choose from. The standard 1-month plan will cost you $10.
  • The 1-year plan, in turn, drops the price to $5.83 per month (for a total of 70 dollars once you subscribe).


  • More than 650 servers in 46 cities at your disposal.
  • 60K IP addresses to choose from.
  • Protection for 5 simultaneous connections.
  • Supports all the major security protocols.
  • Might just feature the best VPN for iPhone, Android, or Mac - the dedicated apps are truly great.
  • The VPN iPhone app, for example, is equally cool and flexible.
  • No limits on anything.
  • The MBG lasts for 30 days.
  • Bitcoin payment is available.


  • The number of servers is not that impressive.
  • Only 2 plans to choose from.


Tunnelbear VPN Service СonclusionIf you’re just getting to know about the world of Virtual Private Networks and would like a VPN free Internet service, make sure to check this one out. This is an all-around solid provider. Recently, TunnelBear managed to become the leader of the free VPNs thanks to the top-notch protocols, the privacy policy, and the fact that it gives you 500MB a month for free. Yes, is good for 2GB and Windscribe provides as much of 10GB of free data but TunnelBear is still the best free VPN for Android and other mobile devices (the VPN iPhone app is absolutely amazing). Not the best choice for torrenting and/or watching geo-restricted content, though.


  • Don’t be confused by the colorful apps: they are equally great at privacy and security.
  • On short distances, this service works perfectly.
  • Arguably the best VPN for the beginners.


  • Connection speed on longer distances is slow and laggy.
  • As mentioned, torrenting and streaming aren’t TunnelBear’s strongest suits.


VPN Vs Proxy – What’s The Difference?

You might’ve heard the term “Proxy” but don’t really know what it means. Let me tell you the main differences between the two in this VPN Proxy comparison:

  • A VPN needs considerably more traffic and battery power to operate.
  • A VPN connection is more secure because of the advanced encryption protocols.
  • While most VPN services “take over” the entire Internet connection, a Proxy can be set up for a single program (like your favorite browser, for example).

So, it’s up to you to decide who wins in the VPN Proxy battle. If you don’t have super-sensitive and personal data on your mobile gadget, go with a Proxy, as it won’t put that much pressure on it. On the other hand, if privacy and security come first, then a VPN is what you need. The VPN Proxy dispute isn’t over yet – not even close – and people are still arguing which is a better solution. Use this information to make the right choice.

The Benefits Of A VPN Router

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages a VPN router will give you:

  • Every single computer/gadget you connect to it will be automatically protected by the built-in VPN of that router.
  • That’s also true for gaming consoles (like PS4 and Xbox One), smart TVs, and other devices that don’t have any protection.
  • The service providers will see the router as one single connection. Yes, that means you can connect as many devices to your router as you want.

So, what is the best VPN router on the market right now? Here are the most popular and reasonable offers:


1 – Linksys WRT 3200 ACM – The Best VPN Router

Remember I mentioned this company during the ExpressVPN review? The entry-level model is the WRT 1200 AC. If you’re ready to spend a bit more, go with the WRT 3200 ACM. This is an incredibly capable router that’s good for 512MB of RAM, 256MB of Flash, and a dual-core 1.8 GHz processor. The street price is 150-200 bucks.


2 – Asus RT-AC86U – Looks Great, Works Even Better

When it comes to specs, this router is very similar to the Linksys we just discussed. You’ll get a 1.8GHz dual-core CPU, 512MB of RAM, and 256MB of Flash. This router is best suited for gamers. It is fast, reliable and will keep the connection speed nice and steady. In the US, it costs around 200 dollars (more expensive in Europe and Australia, though).


Summing Up Our VPN Reviews

This is it for our VPN comparison. As you can see, there are enough solid options to choose from. A VPN service should be fast, flexible, and, above all, protect your privacy. Every single VPN on our list has successfully passed the test of time. You won’t go wrong with any of them – that’s for sure. If you want take a look at even more decent providers, then put Vypr, CyberGhost, HideMyAss, and Buffered on your list. Check back with us more often to keep up with the latest news and the best offers on the market!