Choosing the Best VPN: Top-5 High-Ranked VPN Services

Since there are many VPN services on the market, customers can choose the solution that fits their requirements and budget. And, of course, every provider wants to be the best choice for users. Therefore, each VPN does its best to win the competition and attract as many clients as possible.

To achieve these goals, providers are not only trying to offer the best VPN service possible but packing their software with various features. It is hard to fulfill everyone’s needs, so providers aim at different groups of customers – general users, businesses, travelers, etc. – offering them qualities and functions they need.

Thus, choosing a VPN client becomes a real challenge. But there is no need to worry – YourVPNService is here to help you make the right choice. You can just go through Top 5 VPN Services, or you can deep dive into our reviews and take a grasp of every detail that matters. But let’s start with basics so you can understand the approach to choosing the best VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPN – a virtual private network – basically is a buffer between you and your destination point on the internet. The algorithm is simple: when the VPN client is turned on, it reroutes your traffic to one of your VPN provider’s servers. And only then the traffic goes to the internet resource you want to reach – a website, for example.

The website’s server will accept the data of the server that belongs to the VPN service provider. Therefore, your actual data – location or IP address – will be hidden. No one can see it, and there is no way to track it down somehow. So you become completely anonymous using a VPN.

What does a VPN do for you?

There are a lot of reasons to use VPN software, and as you probably have at least one in mind if you are looking for the best VPN, chances are you are not aware of the others. The undeniable fact is that a VPN can significantly improve your experience online.

Lets you access geo-restricted content

One of the most popular needs users have, is getting access to the geo-restricted content. Since this service reroutes the traffic disguising the actual data, users can pretend they are in the country where the content they need is not blocked.

Thus, VPN service is widely used among frequent travelers, especially if they visit censored countries like China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and other ones. However, we should say that you need to download and install the program before you go to such a country. Usually, VPNs are forbidden there as well.

The best VPNs allow unblocking geo-restricted content on streaming services such as Netflix, BBC, Amazon, and others. Not every provider manages to offer its users access to the streaming service continuously, but with the help of YourVPNService, you will find the solution that will unblock Netflix for you. We update our reviews regularly to offer you legit information.

Protects your privacy

Another important reason to use VPN is privacy protection. It is crucial to keep your device secure nowadays when the threat is waiting for the user on every corner of the internet. As we have already said, the VPN connection covers your actual data becoming a shield for your private information.

When the service is on, hackers can’t track your actions and data. Therefore, they can’t get into your device and steal or corrupt files. That’s why we strongly advise using the best vpn possible while traveling or if you use public WiFi frequently.

Public networks are rarely secure – routers in cafes, restaurants, airports, hotels and other public places usually don’t get updated. Therefore, they lack protection exposing every device connected to the network to the potential threat. VPN will keep you safe whenever you’re using a public WiFi.

Help you deal with ISP throttling

Going through our reviews, you can pick the fastest VPN that will help you preventing ISP throttling. Also, if you need VPN for torrenting, the high bandwidth is the main criterion for you. The slow service will cover your actions and keep you anonymous, but to download and upload files you need to have a good connection speed.

Help you spend less

Another way to use a VPN is to keep it turned on while shopping online. First of all, it will keep your sensitive data safe. But also it will help you saving money. Usually, e-commerce websites track IP addresses of users and show different prices for those who have already visited the online store. The best VPNs will reliably hide your internet traces so you can see real prices.

Additionally, changing your location with such a service can help you get better deals for tickets for planes, trains, etc. Often users from different countries see different offers buying booking flights and rides online. You can cheat a bit and save money.

Is VPN safe to use?

A lot of users ask is VPN legal or not because they’re going to do things that are usually forbidden in most countries – torrenting, for example. The good news is it is absolutely legal to use VPNs in most countries except for some heavily censored states like North Korea, Iran or UAE. Surprisingly, VPNs are not illegal in China, but only governmentally approved services should be used.

But are VPN safe? And the answer is – it really depends on the provider. You have to look for one that has passed all test successfully. It means that specialists didn’t find any data leaks when testing the provider.

Another criterion you have to consider is whether the VPN has no logging policy or not. The provider that follows such a policy won’t gather any user data. Therefore, it can’t share it with anyone. So even if you choose the provider that is located in Five Eyes jurisdiction, you can be sure your data won’t be exposed. The government can ask the provider to give them the user information, but since none was gathered the service can’t fulfill this request.

Another advice we have is to stay away from free VPNs. There are actually a few decent VPN that have free offers, but most of them are not at all reliable, and some are even notorious for selling users data to third parties.

Many VPNs are compatible with TOR so that users that need more security can combine these tools.

Which VPN service is best?

Many providers can be called the best VPN service. However, each one of them has their unique features and differences. That’s why you should know what are you looking for before you start going through reviews. There are several criteria you should consider choosing the provider.

  • The most important one is reliability. All reviewed services pass tests that show if the VPN exposes any user data or not. Some offer all-around protection and zero leaks. And some services had DNS, IP address and location leaks during tests. If you value privacy the most, you should choose the provider that had no data leaks.
  • Also, check the VPN HQ location – it’s better when it is not under any of the 11-eyes countries jurisdiction. And, as we already told earlier, the VPN should have no logging policy. Otherwise, you can’t be sure your sensitive data won’t get in wrong hands.
  • Next thing you should check is the number of servers and locations. You want to have a choice of places to connect to when you use VPN, especially if you utilize it for business needs or if you travel a lot. Remember that servers located closer to you will offer you a higher connection speed than ones located far away.
  • Another criterion is the bandwidth. The higher it is, the more speed you get. High bandwidth won’t cut your initial connection speed much so that you can feel comfortable using VPN. The fastest VPN possible is absolutely crucial if you share files online.
  • Most providers offer additional features such as automatic reconnection and a kill switch. In this way, you will get reconnected to a VPN server if the connection is lost or the VPN will just interrupt your access to the internet until the service is reconnected. Such functions offer more reliability.
  • If you’re looking for a solution that will help you unblock your favorite shows on streaming services like Netflix, you need to choose the VPN that works with such services. Otherwise, the software will be useless.
  • Usability is an important criterion as well. The interface should be simple and easy to use. Also, find out about customer service. If you encounter any issues, you should be able to get help as quickly as possible. So we advise you to give preference to providers with live or very fast support.
  • Last but not least, the price. It doesn’t really matter how good the paid VPN is if it doesn’t fit your budget. Therefore, you need to understand how much you are ready to spend on the software and pick the provider accordingly.

<H2> Will the VPN make my Internet connection slow?

Unfortunately, every VPN will slow down the initial connection. But services with high bandwidth cut the speed insignificantly. Some providers we have tested almost didn’t impact the connection slowing it down by only 5-10%. That’s why you should pick VPNs with high bandwidth and a large number of servers. Thus, you will have an opportunity to connect to the nearest one and lose as little speed as possible.

How much does a VPN cost on average?

The price varies a lot. Some providers will cost you no more than $4 per month. But with top vpn services, the monthly subscription price would usually be around $9-11 per month. The amount of money you will have to pay for the VPN depends on its quality, features, number of devices that can be used simultaneously, popularity and many more details.

You can try the provider out – a lot of them offer a free trial period. And if it fits your requirements, you might want to get a subscription for a year or even for longer. It will help you to save a bit of money since longer subscriptions are usually much cheaper.

Are there any free VPN services?

Yes, some providers offer their service for free. Actually, many VPNs offer free limited versions that will be enough for generic users who just need to switch their location for a while occasionally.

If you want to get a free VPN, you should study it carefully. Don’t leverage your security trying to save a few bucks. If the provider is free and it offers a lot of features, you should feel suspicious. There is a high chance that such service is unreliable and will expose you to numerous threats.

How to set up a VPN?

Most providers are compatible with all platforms: Windows, MacOs, Android, iOS, Windows Phone. A lot of VPNs can be installed on a router, smart TV or a game console to give you even more coverage. Usually, there are no issues with the installation and setup. Providers try to make their software as simple as possible.

But if you have any issues, most services offer detailed tutorials that will guide you through the process. And if those guides don’t help, good providers usually have a support team that is available 24/7. Just contact them, and you will get help quickly.

How do we test VPNs and compile our ratings?

We install every VPN on multiple platforms to check their performance and see if interfaces are different. Then we check our initial connection speed, turn the service on and try connecting to different servers in different locations. We track the speed and register the results so that you can see if the VPN slows down the connection.

We use the service continuously to spot any disconnections from remote servers. Using additional tools, we check if the provider has leaks. Along the way, we’re trying to use streaming services, and torrents with the VPN turned on.

Additionally, we study the information about it: location, number of servers, logging policy, etc. Also, we try contacting the support team to check how quickly will we get a response. Then we compile everything into a review and create a check-list. Later we compare check-lists of different providers to make the choosing process easier for you.

All our reviews are created for your convenience. If you need a VPN for some particular need, e.g., for torrenting or for your trip to China, you can check out the respective guide in the Top VPN Services section. If you have some particular VPN provider in mind, chances are we’ve already reviewed it, so you can learn all the details and see if it is a good pick for you. We hope our website will let you pick your vpn service that will keep you satisfied.