PC Matic price

Are you planning on trying a new effective antivirus software? There is a great option for you! Efficient and reliable, this software is one of the best in the market right now. PC Matic has already earned a reputation as a great antivirus program. Want to know what does PC Matic cost? Pricing is very customer-friendly. There are two options:

  • pay 50 USD annually
  • pay 150 USD once and never pay again

The first option is quite good if you want to try PC Matic, please, read PC Matic expert review and draw your own conclusions. What is more, it offers security up to 5 devices, so you will have a chance to see it in action!

The second option is more suitable for those who have already tried PC Matic and now want to save money on annual fees. Though you pay only once, you will get all updates that will surely be released in the future.

What PC Matic offers

Before you make up your mind whether you want to buy a lifetime subscription or not, we want you to learn more about what PC Matic includes.

  • Excellent security

Unlike other antivirus programs, this software can detect and stop even the most cunning malware. It uses new technologies such as a white list approach, brute force attack migration and fileless script blocking. If you chose PC Matic, you can 100% sure that your PC is protected on all fronts.

  • Effective ad blocker + fake virus scam protection

Are pop-ups that constantly spring out of nowhere driving you mad? Forget about them! PC Matic’s ad blocker puts an end to annoying ads and pop-ups. 

  • Optimization

Do you want your laptop to work fast? Then you will be happy to lean that this software is quite good at optimizing processes. Regular scans help to get rid of junk files and the accumulated data. 

Technologies for security 

As it has been said, PC Matic uses three new technologies to ensure the highest level of security.

  • Whitelisting

Let’s imagine that you have 10 programs on your PC. They are all in a white list, for they helpful and harmless. They will operate without any problem. Other programs that are not in the white list will be stopped and blocked. 

  • Fileless script block

There are many hackers who use scripting agents to install malicious malware on your PC. Why? Just for fun! To prevent this, PC Matic uses script blocking agent. Millions of users have already appreciated this feature! 

  • Driver updates and patch management

Every time a scan is run, the software ensures that drivers are updated and 3rd party apps are patched. This is very convenient!

PC Matic is an embodiment of a phrase low price and high quality. By the way, choosing this software, you support American-made products and help to create more jobs!