Why learning how to torrent anonymously is a must?

Torrenting AnonymouslyWould you like to know how to torrent safely? Then this is the right place. Although the process is a no-brainer, you cannot just visit torrent websites and obtain necessary files. Torrenting is legally banned across multiple countries, especially Europe, USA, Canada, and other regions. “May government catch and punish me?” – people ask. Well, no one can ensure your safety until you take care of it yourself. Governmental organizations may get info about an IP address in a blink of an eye, which usually ends up pretty badly: you can be fined, even put to jail. Therefore, knowing how to use torrent portals doesn’t mean you’re a darknet genius.

Your safety is in your hands, just discover how to torrent properly Luckily, there’s a number of steps to be taken and multiple tools to rescue you.

How to torrent safely: Detailed guidelines

Since none of the existing torrent sites has right to prohibit ISPs to get traffic data, there’s only one solution: you should understand how to download torrents anonymously. This cannot be done without a VPN. A virtual private network covers visitor location and ensures 100% Internet traffic is encrypted. Luckily, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to leverage the service, just order a network which supports VPN torrenting and does NOT save session logs. Internet users recommend such tools as TorrentScore, Private Internet access.

Please, note: such services will cost from $3 to $10+ monthly, but they are worth using. How to torrent anonymously without paying at all? Pro tip: save money on VPN by using 7-day trial periods with a money-back option. When trying any VPN, check whether everything is functioning properly: detect real address using special tools.

Adjust Torrent Program

When VPN is switched on and server connection set up, next step – add Proxy service. The task will take only 5 minutes, and an agent will save proxy preferences and apply them automatically every time content website opened. More detailed guides on proxy setup are abundantly present on the Internet. With a proxy enabled, computer protection doubles – it opens a safe gateway to torrent sites.

Leverage Torrent Encryption as an Alternative

Data EncryptionIf for some reason, VPN isn’t an option, it’s highly recommended to encrypt downloaded files: activate pre-built function from torrent agent. This feature won’t let ISP monitor traffic.

Protect Devices Against Malware

Now you need to protect your computer against viruses, phishing, Trojans, rootkits, all other threats. Torrent websites bombard people with advertisements which might initiate instant installation of some malicious program on your computer, obtain personal data or details of user’s browsing behavior.

To prevent contamination of computer, follow these rules:

  1. Don’t click banners, pop-up pictures, notifications.
  2. Disable Flash, or activate manual approval for Flash running.
  3. Install ad-blocker (free browser plugins are available today).
  4. Implement reliable anti-virus software for your computer, activate real-time virus blocking.
  5. Do NOT install plugins or software from advertisements – most likely, they contain malware.

Now you know how to use torrent services, and ready to download all favorite content saving boatloads of money and efforts. With a responsible approach to security, you avoid major problems and enjoy flawless browsing experience. Additional professional tips and guidelines are present on provider official sites: they can recommend suitable virtual private networks and proxies. Alternatively, visit forums to ask users what they did to prevent location tracking, what guarantees anonymity and safety. Download files smartly!

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