Best VPN for Torrenting

Best VPN for TorrentingSometimes, when it’s almost impossible to find something rare on the Internet, the so-called “torrents” swoop in to save the day. They allow people to share their data with the rest of the world. True, torrents aren’t always used to download legal stuff, but we are strongly against piracy. When you’re sharing/downloading something that gives away your IP address, which is bad for privacy. Nobody wants the rest of the world to learn more about their private lives, right? So, in this article, we’ll try to find the best VPN for torrents that is equally affordable and versatile.

Top-5 VPN Services for Torrenting

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Not every VPN supports the concept of torrenting, which means you need to always check that when considering buying a VPN for torrents. You’re in luck today, because we did all the work for you and came up with a list of the greatest offers on the market. Speed, along with privacy and affordability, is the most important thing for this task. Speaking of privacy, the No-Logs policy means the provider won’t log any of your activities. The best VPN for torrents should also be secure and have a Kill Switch feature. And now let us see which VPN for torrents offers the best deal.

The Best VPN For Torrents – Our List

#1. ExpressVPN – The King Of VPN Servers

ExpressVPN Service


  • As a VPN for downloading torrents, ExpressVPN is perfect.
  • 2000+ servers in 94 countries (148 cities).
  • The 30-day MBG (money-back guarantee) is a nice touch.
  • Performance is impressive; the encryption protocols are industry-leading.
  • One of the most private VPNs.


  • If you’re on a budget, this isn’t the best service for you.
  • Only 3 devices (connections) can be protected at the same time.

This service provider is the most popular and respected player in the game. ExpressVPN is fast, well-balanced, and never breaks down, which automatically makes it the best VPN for torrents. Encryption is top-notch; all the major VPN protocols are included. As for the privacy policy, the company clearly states that they never log any user activity. This VPN for torrents allows you to protect only the torrent client while leaving everything out.

ExpressVPN is an all-around amazing VPN with no significant downsides.

  • The entry-level 1-month plan will cost you $12.95 (steep, I know).
  • The 2nd package is a lot less expensive and will be the Guardian Angel of your device for 6 months. That will cost you only $9.99 a month (you’ll be charged 60 dollars once you subscribe).
  • The 3rd package is the most reasonable one. With it, the monthly fee is $6.67 (you’ll be charged 100 dollars once you go ahead with the deal). There’s a pleasant bonus: 3 additional months for free!


#2. NordVPN – The Most Secure Service For Torrenting

NordVPN Service


  • Security above all.
  • 4K servers around the world.
  • The company doesn’t log any of your Internet activity.
  • This VPN for torrent usage allows you to simultaneously protect 6 devices.
  • The clients on all major platforms are well-balanced and versatile.
  • There’s a 3-day trial (totally free).


  • The $11.95 deal for 1 month is really expensive.
  • Not The fastest service. For a VPN for downloading torrents, that’s not good.

This is another worthy contestant for the title of the best VPN for torrents. The company is known for always putting security and privacy first. Nord comes with an impressive number of Double-VPN servers that channel your activity through not 1, but 2 VPNs, making you pretty much undetectable even by the biggest government agencies. As a VPN for torrent “junkies”, it supports all the major protocols. The client is nice and steady on every single platform. The No-Logs policy is open and clear.

What about pricing? Is this VPN affordable for the average user? Let’s take a look at the available packages and learn the answer.

  • $11.95 for 1 month of protection doesn’t seem like the most reasonable offer.
  • Thankfully, that’s not the only plan. If you want to pay only $5.75 a month (70 dollars once you subscribe) choose the 1-year-long plan.
  • The next tier requires a commitment for 24 months. The monthly charge drops to $3.29 (80 dollars after you confirm the deal). A solid deal for a VPN for torrent
  • Right now, there’s an exclusive 3-year package available on the official website. How does $2.75 a month sound to you ($99 for the whole thing)?


#3. Buffered VPN – The Best VPN For Torrents On A PC

Buffered VPN Service


  • This VPN for torrents is fast. Performance is stable.
  • The refund policy will bring a smile to your face.
  • The company is based in Hungary. No US laws will ever get to you.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.


  • Not cheap – not at all. Even the yearly plan is expensive.
  • No dedicated mobile clients.

Based in Hungary, this company provides an impressive download speed, which is the most important thing in a VPN for torrent downloading. But Buffered doesn’t have a dedicated app for mobile phones. But for the PC owners, this VPN a solid pick. First of all, you get that 256-bit encryption. Secondly, the provider doesn’t log your online activity. Thirdly, it’s ideal for torrenting. Finally, the refund policy is quite generous. You will get your money back even after 10 hours of using the VPN/10GB of bandwidth/100 sessions.

The plans are a bit too expensive for comfort, and there are no long commitments. In my opinion, this is a big downside that prevents Buffered from becoming the best VPN for torrents.

  • The monthly plan is even more expensive than that of ExpressVPN and will charge you $12.99.
  • The 6-months package is available at $9.99 a month (60 bucks once you hit “subscribe”).
  • And finally, the 13-months package will be yours for $7.62 (100 dollars for the whole thing). You get one free month with this plan.


#4. IvacyVPN – The Cheapest VPN For Torrents

Ivacy VPN Service Preview


  • Solid encryption algorithms.
  • Kill Switch.
  • An impressive downloading speed.
  • You can protect up to 5 devices simultaneously.
  • The incredibly cheap 5-year-plan makes it the best commercial yet free VPN for torrent
  • Zero-Logs policy.
  • The best VPN for torrent downloading if you’re a beginner.


  • MBG only lasts for 7 days.
  • The mobile clients still need work.

We all want to get something decent for a low price-tag – that’s totally normal. And IvacyVPN is the best offer for those looking for a free VPN for torrents. Note: it isn’t totally free per se, but there’s a 5-year-plan that will charge you only one dollar a month! This is a fast, stable, and easy-to-use VPN. The Windows client looks awesome and works flawlessly. However, the app for the mobile phone is not that great. You get access to 450 top-notch servers in 100 locations and an unlimited bandwidth.

The packages are the strongest suit of this service provider that’s becoming more trusted and respected with every new update.

  • The monthly plan will be yours for $8.95. Nothing special there; still, it is cheaper than most VPNs out there.
  • If you commit to this VPN for one year, the price will drop to $3.5 a month (42 dollars once you subscribe).
  • The 2-year-plan is even cheaper: $2.29 per month (55 dollars in total).
  • As for the marvelous 5-year package, it reduces the price to $1 a month (60 dollars for protecting your device for 5 full years). So, that makes it pretty much a free VPN for torrent fans, doesn’t it?


#5. – The Fastest VPN For Torrents VPN Service Preview


  • A solid free VPN for torrents is a rare thing. is more than decent.
  • Download speeds are exceptional.
  • 5 simultaneous connections with the Premium package.
  • Zero-Logs policy.
  • Excels at being a VPN for torrents.


  • Only 75GB with the Plus package.
  • Only 1 device can be protected with the Plus package.
  • Not a lot of versatility with the plans.

If you type something like “VPN for torrents free”, you probably won’t get a link to But it is pretty fast. That makes it the best VPN for torrent downloading, especially if you’re tired of waiting for hours while a tiny file downloads. The client is a sight for sore eyes. Furthermore, it automatically finds the fastest server at the moment and connects you to it for an optimal experience. OpenVPN, PPTP, and all the other major protocols are included.

The bottom line is – if you’re using VPN for torrents, it doesn’t get better than The company offers a totally free plan with two gigabytes per month. For the average user, it might just be the best free VPN for torrent usage because of the lovely interface and the privacy protocols. The available commercial plans are:

  • The Plus package will cost you $4.95 for a month. The 6-months plan will drop the price to $3.32 per month ($20 once you subscribe); the 12-months plan costs $2.49 a month (30 dollars for the whole thing). There’s a limit: 75GB.
  • The Platinum package doesn’t have a limit on data but will cost you double: $9.95 a month. It’s $6.65 a month with the 6-months plan (40 dollars in total) and $4.99 a month with the 12-months plan (60 dollars in total).


#6. Betternet – A Totally Free VPN For Torrent Downloading, But With A Catch

Betternet VPN Service PreviewBetternet is not very famous. At the same time, it won’t charge you a cent, which should make it the best free VPN for torrents. However, there’s a catch: they won’t protect you in case a DMCA notice comes knocking on the door. So, please keep that in mind. On the other hand, if you don’t care about that and/or can’t really pay for a VPN, this free VPN for torrent enthusiasts will become your best friend.

Get ready to watch sponsored videos and sort through free apps. Still this is a great alternative for the commercial offers and the best VPN for torrent activity.