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Top rating 9.4/10
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Starting Price$8,32
Download speed83.15
Devices per license3
Privacy and security features256-bit SSL encryption
Torrenting and Netflix availability, HBO
Usability and Support24/7/365 Live Chat, Email, Knowledge base, Video Tutorials
Money Back Guarantee (Days)30
Setup time5 minutes
Mobile appYes
Number of Server Locations (countries)94
Number of servers1500
Number of IP Addresses-
Does VPN keep logsNo
Best ForPrivacy, Travel, Streaming, Sports

ExpressVPN – the New Level of Your Online Freedom

Security and privacy are basic needs of every person. However, in the modern world, it is almost impossible to stay completely unnoticed, especially when we roam in the World Web. Every Internet user unwittingly leaves traces everywhere: if necessary, every his or her step can be easily tracked by the government bodies, the Internet services provider, and, finally, by all types of online hackers and swindlers. If you strive for confidentiality (for whatever reason), the easiest way to get it is to use a reliable VPN service. And if you don’t want to lose the speed and quality of the Internet connection, download ExpressVPN – the fastest of the existing services. Read our ExpressVPN review to know the details.


If you cast a glance on the top VPN comparison reviews, you’ll see that ExpressVPN scores high in most of them. But is it really “best of the best”, or are there any pitfalls that reviewers do not mention? We’ve conducted our own unbiased investigation to find out the truth. Here are the results:

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The in-depth research proved an excellent performance of ExpressVPN; also, it showed really good results in speed tests. However, it has some restrictions in terms of simultaneous use of the package, and it is a bit pricey if compared to the software of some major rivals (the latter fact is mentioned in most ExpressVPN reviews). Though these downsides are minor, they still influenced the overall rating.

Pros and Cons

Before we proceed to the detailed description of ExpressVPN, we’d like to enlist its advantages and disadvantages. Expectedly enough, there is a lot to be loved about it, so the list of pros is quite impressive.


  • It is speedier than all counterparts.
  • Different security protocols are supported.
  • An impressive coverage of 94 countries/148 cities.
  • Through ExpressVPN Netflix content can be accessed.
  • ExpressVPN torrent downloading is easy and secure.
  • It is fully compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Advanced 256-Mb encryption supported.


  • It is definitely not the cheapest option in the market.
  • No trial period is offered.
  • It allows simultaneous connection of only three devices.

In the next section of our ExpressVPN review, we’ll tell about its features and capabilities, as well as touch upon the questions of usability and interface. Continue reading to know what the key reasons to download ExpressVPN are, and why it is better than other VPN services.

ExpressVPN: Expert’s Review

Before you download ExpressVPN, you will likely want to know what it is capable of. Though its performance can vary depending on your location, on the chosen server, and some other criteria, in general, it proved its high effectiveness in most cases.

The Company’s Overview

ExpressVPN is not a newcomer in the field of security services providing. It first entered the market in 2009 with a special offer for the Asian countries, suffering from numerous restrictions. Over the years, they have expanded their activities far beyond the Asian market. As of today, they can boast the maximum coverage: more than 1500 servers in 94 counties of the world. However, Asian states are still their primary focus of attention. For example, ExpressVPN China helps people from that country to bypass the censorship even though VPNs are forbidden there.


Express VPN Set DevicesThe main function of any VPN service is providing users’ anonymity and security through creating private networks and tunneling. ExpressVPN can do it, using one of the four protocols: OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP (IPsec), or PTPP. Even if you are not a spec, don’t worry, as in most cases the service selects the most suitable protocol automatically. In the majority of situations, OpenVPN is the best choice.

Those who use multiple devices to access the Internet may take advantage of an ExpressVPN router. Basically, one package is intended for no more than three computers. But if you install it on your router you’ll be able to connect as many devices as the router allows. Due to a lot of router models supported, it’s easy to select the ExpressVPN router that would meet your requirements.

An important feature is the so-called “kill switch”, which is activated when VPN connection suddenly fails. It is called Network Lock and helps prevent confidential data leakage.

For those who need an ultimate privacy or live in regions with severe restrictions and censorship, a special onion version of Express VPN has been developed. It can be accessed and downloaded via Tor browser and helps to bypass even serious barriers set by some governments.

Performance and Speed

A stable high speed is one of the strongest points of ExpressVPN vs NordVPN and other counterparts. In numerous speed tests, it has repeatedly demonstrated brilliant results. Of course, the speed to a large extent depends on the user’s location and the location of the server used. For example, if you are connecting to a US server while being physically in the US, there is virtually no speed loss at all. If the server is located far from you (for example, US-UK), the speed drops, but the ping reasonably increases, so it doesn’t cause any serious discomfort.

The great thing (mentioned in most ExpressVPN reviews) is that it allows to stream video and load other types of demanding content without hassle. We tried to access through ExpressVPN Netflix, ITV, BBC iPlayer, and some other platforms such as Hulu and experienced virtually no problems except for very rare connection drops.

Browser Extensions

Apart from full-fledged apps for Windows and other platforms, ExpressVPN offer extensions for 3 popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. They provide the same features as all the rest Express VPN products but are installed right in the browser. This is a convenient solution for those who prefer using one particular browser for secure connections. Another benefit of using an extension is that it helps to protect any sensitive data when you use public Wi-Fi networks.

Safety and Encryption

ExpressVPN meets the highest security standards. To provide the strongest protection of users, the Advanced Encryption Standard, a.k.a. AES, is used. This is 256-bit data encryption, which provides the maximum possible level of protection. When data is transferred via a tunnel secured by the OpenVPN protocol, it is virtually impossible to access.

The next aspect we’d like to cover in our ExpressVPN review is privacy. According to the company’s claims, it doesn’t collect and doesn’t store users’ logs. This is directly said in its Privacy Policy that can be found on the official site. Being located on the tax-free independent British Virgin Islands, it doesn’t fall under the jurisdictions of major regulatory bodies of most countries. To put it simply, the company guarantees that a user’s actions are not monitored as long as he or she is not involved in something criminal.

ExpressVpn MacAt the same time, like most VPN services, ExpressVPN reserves the right to collect some aggregate information of the account that doesn’t allow to identify the user’s personality or derive any personal sensitive data. This data can include the date of the connection, the server used, the volume of data uploaded or downloaded, but no any personal information, such as IP address, logs and so on is collected.

If you need the maximum confidentiality, you may prevent even this aggregate data collection. To do it you need to sign up as an anonymous user (for example, via Tor) and pay for the chosen pack with cryptocurrency. This approach is practiced by users from certain countries, who bypass censorship with ExpressVPN: China and some other Asian states with severe governmental restrictions.

A small downside is the lack of dedicated IP addresses. For example, NordVPN vs ExpressVPN does offer personal IP addresses that can be used for easier and faster access to particular sites. Here, only static IPs that are shared by multiple users are offered.

Pricing Plans and Payment Methods

If you try to purchase ExpressVPN on the official site, you’ll see that they offer three pricing plans. It’s important to understand that this is one and the same package. In other words, you won’t get any exclusive options if you pay more. Paying for the services, you get the whole pack that includes all the tools offered. The difference between the three pricing plans is the period they cover. Thus, for one month, you are going to pay $12.95. If you purchase the 6-month plan, one month will cost $9.99. Finally, if you order a 1-year plan, the cost per month for you will be just $8.43. This is not surprising, as the wholesale price always tends to be lower than the retail price. And still, the service is a sort of pricey. For example, IPVahish vs ExpressVPN offers almost identical 1-year plan at the price of $6.49 per month.

If you want to save some more money, visit the ExpressVPN coupon page. There you can get a referral link and get a calendar month of free service for every referred user.

You will not experience any difficulties with purchasing the selected plan due to an array of payment methods accepted. Just select the preferred payment system in one click and pay with comfort. Apart from traditional Visa/MasterCard options, they work with multiple e-wallet systems, including PayPal, and even Bitcoins for those who are looking for the ultimate privacy.


The quality of customer support is an important indicator of the overall reliability and trustworthiness of the company. In many ExpressVPN reviews, their support service is described as “excellent” or “top-class”. And, truly saying, not without reason. Despite having a great FAQ section where one can find answers to all typical questions, they offer a live chat that is available in the 24/7/365 mode to every visitor, including those, who haven’t made a purchase yet. No matter whether you want to ask about ExpressVPN torrent traffic or ExpressVPN Netflix access, you will get a fast, comprehensive and professional consultation.

How to Use and Installing

Regardless of the type of the product you’ve chosen (a PC client, a mobile app, or a browser extension), it is very easy to use. To start using ExpressVPN download it from the official site. Of course, previously you need to choose the suitable plan and pay for it. At that stage you’ll be asked to enter your reals e-mail address: it is necessary to send you a link to ExpressVPN download. Every user gets a unique activation code, which is entered when the program is run on a new device for the first time.

The interface of the app is extremely simple. There is one large button in the center that is used to connect/disconnect and several additional buttons that open a one-click access to all the rest features. Thus, you may choose the server you want to connect to in a couple of clicks. Alternatively, you may not choose any, the program will make the choice automatically. If you are not sure what server to select for a better connection, use the built-in speed test option to check the speed of the chosen channels.

The Bottom Line

ExpressVPN outstrips its rival in several criteria. As of today, it is really the fastest available VPN service, providing a hassle-free access to stream video, torrents, and other kinds of content, including games. It has a whopping number of servers and covers 94 states, which is very impressive. More than that, it is one of the few VPN products that efficiently cope with the censorship and restrictions in mainland China, which makes it a popular choice for the Asian region. Finally, it is very easy to use.

We were able to find only some minor shortcomings of ExpressVPN. The most significant of them is the price and a limited number of devices that can be connected simultaneously.


  1. If you use more than 3 devices simultaneously, use ExpressVPN for a router and resolve the problem at the root.
  2. Order a 1-year plan and save up to 35%.
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