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Japan VPNJapan is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of both technological development and human rights protection. Normally, the citizens of Japan don’t experience any problems with their online freedom. The Japanese government is quite toletant towards most things that are banned in other states. However, the Internet in Japan is not completely free of censorship. In particular, everything that relates to copyright infringement is punishable by the law. It means that while staying in Japan one can’t use torrents, Netflix and other similar web-resources. The only way to bypass the censorship and unlock geo-restricted sites is using Japan VPN services.

Top-3 VPN Services for Japan

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How to Choose the Best VPN for Japan

If you look around, you’ll find a lot of companies providing VPN services. Many of them are available in Japan. But not all of them provide the due level of protection. To choose a VPN for Japan, check whether it meets the core requirements.

  1. Effectiveness. When it comes to VPN, Japan has special requirements. The best VPN for Japan has to not just change the IP address. It must be able to unlock geo-restricted platforms, such as Netflix and have strong torrenting capabilities.
  2. Speed. A VPN for Japan must be speedy, as the speed is crucial for everyone using torrents and downloading streaming content.
  3. Logging policy. If you want to feel safe, choose Japan VPN services that keep no user logs. If the company doesn’t collect logs, it won’t be able to provide them to the law-enforcement bodies even at their request.
  4. Price. Of course, you may opt for a free Japan VPN, but a good rule of thumb says that paid services provide a more consistent performance and a better speed. However, expensive products are not always better. There are some great medium-priced and low-budget Japan VPN services.
  5. Compatibility with various platforms and the number of licenses included. Some providers offer a free Japan VPN for mobile platforms, and choosing a Japan VPN, Android users can find rather attractive options.

We’ve reviewed dozens of VPNs and hundreds of user reviews, and relied on this information to compile our ranking of top providers. Keep on reading to know, which of them have become the winners. Meet the top-3 providers, supplying the services of VPN to Japan.

Top-3 VPN Services for Japan: Meet the Winners

There are a lot of efficient VPN services that work in Japan. But if you need not just a working service, but the one that ensures a great performance on a regular basis, consider the following brands.

PureVPN – Fast and Affordable

PureVPN ServiceThe main goal of buying VPN in Japan is getting access to geo-restricted resources, primarily – to the sites providing streaming content, such as Netflix. Streaming is the type of an online activity where speed matters. PureVPN is a rare example of VPN software that combines a brilliant speed and an affordable price. This Hong-Kong-based provider is perfect for torrenting, and it effectively unlocks most streaming sites, including Hulu and iBBC Player. Unfortunately, its app has some problems with unlocking Netflix. But even if you are in Japan, VPN Chrome extension offered by PureVPN will cope with it.

PureVPN allows up to 5 connections under one license and is compatible with multiple operative systems. It is definitely one of the best Japan VPN Android services available. That said, there is a fly in the ointment: the provider does keep some logs, in particular, connection logs. No, it doesn’t track your actions in the web, but the time of your connection to VPN is recorded.

ExpressVPN – Brilliant Performance, but Pricey

ExpressVPN Service

It ranks first in numerous VPN reviews. Actually, ExpressVPN has everything you need for a safe and hassle-free web-browsing, streaming, and content downloading. It has repeatedly proved its brilliant performance in numerous independent tests and was considered to be the fastest VPN product ever. However, if you are looking for a free VPN Japan or a low-budget option, it is not for you. ExpressVPN is for those who are ready to pay for the premium quality.

ExpressVPN keeps no user logs, which guaranteed the ultimate privacy protection. It has a wide coverage – 94 countries – and effectively unblocks an access to all popular streaming platforms, including Netflix!

NordVPN – the Strongest Encryption but an Average Speed

NordVPN Service


If you are a sort of paranoid about your privacy, you may like the features of enhanced protection offered by NordVPN. They include the “Double VPN” option and an opportunity of using TOR browser together with VPN, known as a “TOR over VPN” feature. Both options add an extra layer of protection, so users’ actions become absolutely impossible to detect. Unfortunately, they impact the overall performance. NordVPN is far from being the fastest VPN, and when these features are on, its speed decreases even more.

Japan VPN Free: How to Use VPN without Paying for it

We deliberately didn’t include any VPN Japan free services in our top list. Of course, you can find some, but they either don’t provide the due level of protection or have severe restrictions in terms of free bandwidth available. That said, there are ways to use a professional paid VPN for free! The fact is that most services offer up to 30 days (a month!) of a free trial. If you are going to Japan for vacation or on a business trip, this will be enough for you: download the best VPN for Japan and use it without spending a cent. Moreover, when the trial period expires, you can download software from another provider and continue using VPN for free.

Bottom Line

Japan is the country where an access to free streaming sites is blocked because of severe restrictions imposed by the government. However, the censorship can be bypassed with the help of a reliable VPN service. Analyze your requirements, choose the provider that meet your needs best and enjoy an unlimited freedom on the Internet in the country of the Rising Sun.