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While the Indian government is not as ruthless against its own citizens as the UK and the US when it comes to the online privacy laws, things aren’t as good as they used to be. Without a solid VPN for India, you’re running the risk of being monitored 24/7. Obviously, no user out there wants a third party to get access to their personal data. But that’s not the biggest concern at this moment. Today, an India VPN is more of an unblocking tool: with it, you’ll be able to get access to blocked services like Netflix, Hulu, and the world-famous Bollywood movies. Torrenting and piracy are banned around the world, but in this country, they usually put people in jail for that.

Top-5 VPN Services for India

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Yes, there are enough reasons to start looking for the best VPN for India now. Actually, we did all the work for you, and the following list includes the best offers on the market. The list also features the best free VPN for India. It’s at the very bottom of the article. A decent VPN in India will allow the locals to download copyrighted material (which is still illegal), send each other files through torrents, conceal their online identities, and access geo-restricted content. There are a lot of “grey” areas when it comes to “laws of conduct” on the Internet; so, it’s best to protect yourself from any unwanted consequences. But is VPN legal in India? Yes, Virtual Private Networks are just as legal there as in the US and the EU. That answers another popular question – is India VPN free? In fact, this country is one of the biggest markets for VPNs.

Our List Of The Best VPN India Services

#1 – IPVanish – The Best VPN For Torrenting And Unblocking Restricted Content

IPVanish VPN ServiceThis service has been around for quite a while now and is considered to be one of the best “tools” for fighting off the snoopers. It is stable, reliable, and all the clients/apps work flawlessly (the Windows client is especially great). Furthermore, they have 6 servers in New Delhi, which means the locals won’t have any troubles with speed and performance. In many regards, this is the best VPN in India. Unlimited P2P traffic, along with the Zero-Logs policy, turns IPVanish into a solid pick. Kill Switch, OpenVPN, and the IP-switch feature (automatically changes your IP after a while) make it even better.

Again, this is the Virtual Private Network India clients can count on if they put privacy and security first. But what about the pricing policy, you might ask? Let us take a look at it right now.

  • The entry-level plan costs $7.50 a month.
  • The second tier is the 3-month plan. With it, the price will be reduced to $6.75 per month (that’s 20 dollars once you hit subscribe).
  • Finally, the 1-year package offers the best deal. The monthly charge will drop even lower: $4.87 (60 dollars in total).


  • Arguably, IPVanish is the best VPN service in India.
  • They own every single server, which means no 3rd-party prying eyes.
  • One of the best encryption protocols.
  • IPVanish offers protection for 5 devices at the same time.
  • The clients/apps for all major platforms are great.
  • The best VPN for Android in India in terms of speed and ease of use.
  • This VPN is perfect for streaming.


  • The 7-day MBG (Money-Back Guarantee) is a bit disappointing. No free trial.
  • The headquarters are located in America.
  • Not the best customer support on the market.

#2 – ExpressVPN – The Most Versatile Option For The VPN India Users

ExpressVPN ServiceThis is the most famed Virtual Private Network of our time. Furthermore, the provider has multiple servers in Chennai, Mumbai, and in other countries around India. The apps for mobile devices are stylish and friendly. The average speed is always high. If you type in something like “VPN for Torrenting India” in Google, ExpressVPN will be on top of the list. With some of the best protection protocols and a stable performance, it’s a great pick for users from any country. Add the Zero-Logs policy, 256-encryption and 24/7 support, and it will become obvious why this is the most popular service and a strong contestant for the tile of the best VPN in India.

As for the price-tags, they aren’t exactly cheap. On the other hand, ExpressVPN does offer an impressive list of features to make up for the steep subscriptions.

  • The basic monthly plan will cost you $12.95, which almost makes it the most expensive India VPN on our list.
  • The second package lasts for 6 months and drops the monthly price to $9.99 (that’s 60 dollars once you subscribe).
  • The final tier is good for 15 months. For $6.67 per month (and 100 dollars in total), you’ll get three months for free.


  • The apps/clients look and feel fantastic.
  • One of the greatest selections of servers.
  • Privacy fans will definitely appreciate (because of the clear privacy policy).
  • The Money-Back Guarantee lasts for 30 days.
  • Top-notch performance.
  • Zero-Logs policy.
  • This is the most respected and recognized Virtual Private Network on the planet.


  • No free trial; so, this definitely isn’t the best free VPN in India.
  • Simultaneous protection for 5 devices is not available (only up to 3).
  • The monthly plan is expensive, period. That is a big turn off for the VPN India users on a budget.

#3 – VyprVPN – Very Private, Affordable, And Fast

VyprVPN ServiceWe already answered the question – is using VPN legal in India? Still, it’s always better to work with services that are located outside of the country and aren’t obliged to answer to the government. Based in Switzerland, VyprVPN is an all-around solid VPN service India customers can use in their daily lives. They’ll get access to 700 servers in 70 locations all over the globe once they choose one of the available plans. But that’s not even this provider’s biggest trump up the sleeve: they’ve developed a unique cloaking technology that makes it impossible for hackers/government agents to track your connection. That’s partially why VyprVPN is so popular in China.

If you’re planning on using VPN in India, this service will be just what the doc ordered. It comes with features like Kill Switch and a private DNS Server. Plus, just like IPVanish, this provider owns every single server. The prices are reasonable, which is another reason why when looking to buy VPN India citizens prefer this service over the rest.

  • The entry-level Basic plan costs $9.95 a month and can protect 3 devices at the same time. Obviously, the 1-year plan is a lot more affordable: it drops the monthly charge to $5 (60 dollars once you subscribe).
  • The Premium plan, in turn, is capable of providing simultaneous protection for 5 devices. Sadly, with a $12.95 price-tag for a month, it’s not a particularly cheap VPN India users can count on. With the 1-year package, however, the price will be cut in half – $6.67 per month (and 80 dollars in total).


  • The HQ is based in Switzerland, one of the most private and liberal countries.
  • The Premium package is expensive; yet, it is versatile and secure.
  • VyprVPN is literally impenetrable.
  • Torrenting is also available.
  • There’s a trial that makes it a free VPN server in India for 3 days - perfect for taking it for a spin.
  • Kill Switch.


  • The monthly plan of the Premium package will cost you a lot.
  • The Basic package is not as secure as Premium.
  • Protection for 5 devices is only available with the Premium package.
  • Sometimes, you might experience some issues with performance.

#4 – TunnelBear – The Best Free VPN On The Market

TunnelBear VPN ServiceIn their search for a free VPN India users should definitely take a look at TunnelBear. There aren’t many decent free options out there, but this is a very friendly and intuitive service. Plus, the dedicated desktop clients and mobile apps are incredibly easy to use. Most reviewers claim that Tunnel Bear has the best free VPN for Android in India. The free version comes with a limitation, though: you’ll only get 500 MB of traffic per month. While that isn’t much, you’ll still be able to protect yourself during the most important online sessions. The company doesn’t keep logs and puts the privacy of the clients first. Overall, this is the best free VPN India users can have at their disposal.


  • The clients/apps are fast, flexible, and easy to make sense of.
  • Private and user-oriented.
  • Despite sudden drops in speed, performance is generally stable.
  • The list of available servers makes it the finest free VPN for India.


  • Long-distance connections tend to be slow and laggy.
  • The free version is very limited in features.
  • Torrenting isn’t allowed.
  • Not the best choice for unblocking geo-restricted content.

#5 – Speedify – The Fastest Free VPN

Speedify VPN Service PreviewWithout a doubt, Speedify is a great Virtual Private Network for the free VPN India fans. This is a fast, flexible, and very private service. Plus, it offers 4GB of traffic per month. Sadly, for the next months, you’ll only get 1GB. The mobile apps are just as fast and nimble as the desktop clients. You won’t even have to know your way around a VPN to make sense of it all. Yes, this is another excellent and free VPN for Android in India on our list.

The company’s trademark channel-bonding method ensures a strong and stable connection any time of the year. Unfortunately, it is based in the United States (Philadelphia) and the draconian American laws will apply.


  • Speedify is among the fastest free VPNs.
  • With this network, you won’t have to worry about low speeds and bad connections.
  • There’s no limit on the download speed.
  • Arguably the most reliable free VPN for torrenting India traffic.
  • 30-day MBG.
  • Encryption protocols are top-notch.
  • Overall, this is the most versatile and balanced free VPN in India.


  • 1GB per month isn’t really much.
  • Support could’ve been better.
  • The free VPN service India fans should know that Speedify can’t unblock Netflix.
  • The HQ is located in the US.