A Torrent Downloader: What it is and How to Choose it

Bit TorrentTorrents make our life easier. Contrary to a popular belief, they are used not just by pirates and law-violators. With the fastest torrent downloader, you can quickly download torrents: big files, photos, share free music and video, and obtain free software without the need of connecting directly to the server where this content is stored. Instead, you receive small fractions of the file from multiple users’ PCs and, at the same time, grant the received parts to other peers. As soon as you’ve received all the bits, they fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, forming an entire file.

Torrent Client vs an Online Torrent Downloader: What to Choose

As you see, the process is rather simple. But how to choose the best torrent downloader? Commonly, it depends on the platform you use and the type of the tool you prefer.

A common type of a torrent downloader is a desktop client that is installed on a PC like any other software. Most of the existing programs are cross-platform, which means they work equally efficiently on Windows, Mac, and, sometimes, Android. However, some of them are better optimized for a particular platform. Here is our proprietary rating of torrent downloader clients.

  • Bittorrent clientVuze was considered to be the greatest torrent downloader for Windows. It is powerful, fast, and perfectly compatible with all releases of Windows OS.
  • Folx is a great torrent downloader for Mac. It was developed specially for Mac computers, so it works flawlessly on all the devices empowered by OS X. The app is easy to install, flexible, and powerful.
  • As for the top free torrent downloader, our experts have awarded the official BitTorrent client. While being absolutely free, this app provides a good speed and decent adjustability.

If for any reasons you can’t or just don’t want to install apps, there is an alternative option – an online torrent downloader. It saves torrent files on a remote server instead of your PC. As soon as the file is saved, you can download it to the hard drive via a usual download manager. The pros of online downloaders against apps are the following:

  • anonymity (your ISP cannot track you even without VPN);
  • a possibility to download files when a computer is switched off.

However, there are some drawbacks as well:

  • a limited number of simultaneous downloads;
  • a limited storage space;
  • most free versions are crippled.

Usually, it makes sense to use web-downloaders when there’s no possibility to install a full-fledged app plus a VPN client. For an intensive use, a safe torrent downloader app is a better choice.

To pick out the best torrent downloader, take into consideration basic important criteria: the type of the platform you use, the features you need, the size of the app, and, of course, a price and availability of a free version. And don’t forget that specialists recommend using torrent apps in combination with VPN services for the sake of your personal security and privacy.

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