Are Torrents Legal or Not? Myths and Truths about the BitTorrent Protocol

Illegal TorrentsAn attitude towards torrents today is controversial. On the one hand, we can’t but admit that torrenting is among the most reliable and convenient methods of free file sharing. On the other hand, many people believe that this is something illegal and that by using tracker websites they break the law.

The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle. The torrent technology itself is absolutely legitimate; moreover, it is a great tool for quick and safe downloading of legal content. The problem is that the Bittorrent protocol is frequently used for the distribution of illegal or copyright protected products. If digital piracy is not about you, then you must be eager to know about the best free legal torrents available.

Are Torrents Legal in USA? How to Use Them Correctly without Being Caught

Despite a positive experience of torrent sites users, many Americans continue to ask: are torrents legal or not? The answer is yes, surely, they are. But we need to distinguish between legal torrents and “grey” sites that have been caught in copyright infringement and distribution of illegal content. Here are some examples of legal sites that can be safely accessed and used by the residents of the US.

  • Vodo SiteVuze. This is one of the largest platforms for legal torrenting. On the official site of Vuze, one will find a lot of great video and audio content that can be safely accessed via their proprietary client.
  • Vodo. The site offers a collection of over two hundred films that are available for free downloading and streaming.
  • Public Domain (Blog.Bittorrent) has, probably, the best selection of legal free classic movies, including the rare ones.
  • Bitlove. This is a real godsend for audiophiles, as here one can get up to 1800 tracks for free. The site has a good collection of movies as well.

In fact, there are much more legal torrents available to the residents of the US. One can use any of these services without the fear of being tracked by the ISP or anybody else. All the content that is offered there is absolutely legal, and you don’t violate any rules by trying to get it for free.

Legitimate torrenting is not a myth if you choose the right platform. However, there also exist the so-called mixed platforms that offer legal content along with illegal materials. A shining example is the famous Pirate Bay. When using such services one needs to be very cautious, as frequently it is impossible to say for sure whether the content you’re trying to reach is legal or not.

If you want to hide from the prying eyes in order to feel secure, use VPN torrent protection. Even a free torrent VPN service will help you to hide your real IP-address. However, keep in mind that entry-level VPNs can cause severe speed drops. If you don’t want to scarify download speed, opt for a premium provider of VPN services, such as ExpressVPN.

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